Trouble getting the right search query


I’m trying to create a search query that display ALL objects with a given tag (i.e. @todo) as well as display all their descendants, already expanded. The reason for not just doing @todo is that i’ll often have a project that I tag with @todo and not tag the children with it.

Would also like to hide any objects that are marked @done.

I tried this:

@today//* except //@done

which shows all the descendants of a tag but it doesn’t show any objects that aren’t a descendant of an object that has that tag.

I tried:

@today and @today//* except //@done

but that didn’t work either.

I think this would do what you want (see the third “/”

@today///* except //@done

From the documentation:
/ = children
// = descendants
/// = descendant-or-self

Ahh, yes that did it!! Thx @GuiB!!

Had a feeling it was something simple that I missed.