Transferring Tags from TP to OmniFocus3

New to TP but seems beautiful and practical. I am a dedicated OF3 user and I can see the two working together well. Great that you can set due dates in TP and they are understood by OF3. Is TP not designed to copy ordinary tags across to OF3? Copying and pasting TP Projects into OF3 works fine, including the due date tag functionality but other tags don’t copy.

Even notes copy across… but not tags.

Sorry I’m not sure.

I do know that OmniFocus provides some import/export support with TaskPaper format. But I’m not really sure on the details. If due dates and things are getting transferred, but tags are not, then I would guess that they just aren’t supported. I think you would have better luck asking in Omni forums as it’s there software that’s providing the import/export functionality.

If they don’t have a solution you could could probably write a script to do what you want to do, thought that process might take a while to get right.

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Yes – an OmniFocus issue rather than a TaskPaper issue.

I believe that they wrote their TaskPaper importer before they added tags to their data model – it’s probably lagging behind.

No the answer is here OmniFocus TaskPaper Reference Guide - Support - The Omni Group

TaskPaper and OF3 are two of the most elegant and useful apps I have ever seen - the fact that they integrate seamlessly is sublime. I am using both in my workflow in a way that spans pondering castles in the air to the execution of solutions.