TP removes white space on open (nasty)

If there is a trailing empty line in a deeper level (say: 4), TP removes tabs from that line when opening the document. Checking the closed document with BBEdit shows the tabs still in place.

Example 1
ex 1.taskpaper (47 Bytes)

originally saved like this:

the re-opened file:

Example 2

this is how I use this in real life:

collapsed it looks like this:

when I reopen the file, tabs are being removed and it looks like this:

I can reproduce, but still need to dig into code and figure out what is going on.

I think this is fixed in TaskPaper 3.8.2 Preview:

The indention is that I don’t want empty lines to effect outline structure in saved documents, because visually it’s impossible to see an empty lines indentation level (when viewed outside of TaskPaper). So when TaskPaper loads a file it corrects for this… any empty line that would be (by indentation level) the parent of a non-empty line is indented so that it doesn’t become a parent.

Previously I was doing this by:

  1. Gather range of empty lines.
  2. Set indent of all those lines to indent of next non-empty line.

Now I instead only change the indentation level of those empty lines if they are indented less then indent level of next non-empty line.

I’m not sure how clear that all was, but please try out the latest preview release. I think the fixed your use case.

Hi Jesse,

it seems to work now – thank you!


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