TP Preview opens always Help / Welcome

Hi just bought the preview version of TP 3 :smile:

Bu every time I start TP3 the help / welcome document opens and not my last opened document (like in TP2).

Any way to prevent this behavior?


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I’ll add a preference for that welcome text… but the behavior to open last document has changed.

TaskPaper 2 implemented this manually because OS X had no support for remembering last documents when I built TaskPaper 2. And TaskPaper 2’s behavior was to reopen the last saved document.

TaskPaper 3 uses the OS X default behavior now. Which is that any documents that were open when you last quit TaskPaper will be reopened… so now you just need to quit TaskPaper when you are done, don’t close it’s windows first. Then the documents should be restored. Also if you leave documents open this way folds and selected project will also be restored.

Note that the System General Preference “Close windows when quitting app” can disable this feature.

Hi Jesse,

thx for the prompt reply!

Turning off System General Preference “Close windows when quitting app” was the solution!


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hi Jesse

issue with “Close windows etc etc” is that… it’s a global setting: disabling it means every app re-opens last used windows next time it is launched :-/

if TP could re-open its windows independently… that would be a godsend :wink:


After some time using my mac with “Close windows when quitting app” off, I agree with @pl_svn Please get back the build-in option!


I’m afraid this is unlikely.

My choice is between implementing (basically I get it for free) the standard OS X approach like I’m doing now, compared to adding code to disable the standard approach, and then adding more code to duplicate it again :frowning:.

In addition to that… I like the current default behavior. But this feature does seem to divide people… does anyone know of a way to set it per app? I did just find this article which describes one partial workaround use Command+Option+Q to quit an app and close it’s windows so they won’t be reopened next time.

oh, ok, looks it also works the other way around: if “Close windows” is enabled, then pressing Option when quitting an app will restore its windows on next launch

Hope I’ll remember to do it every time I quit TP :frowning:

It seems there might be some way to set it per app, though I haven’t found out how:

Here’s some more info. Looks like you can set this one a per app basis:

thank you Jesse

having a look now

so far, though, I’m fine with “Close windows” enabled and remembering to hold Option when closing TP, which is the one and only app I want/need to restore its windows :stuck_out_tongue:

I still can’t make this work properly.

I have several TaskPaper files that I am working on. For example, Work and Personal files. After making some changes to the Work file, I press CMD+W to close the project and later open my Personal file. Later, when I need add more changes to Work file, it resets back to its default window size and location.

I switch between multiple projects several times per day using Alfred app and keywords “tp” adjusting window size and location is very annoying.

Any ideas?

This is actually the expected behavior. Once you close the Work file document that state is discarded. It’s only when you leave it open (when quitting TaskPaper) that it will be restored when you reopen TaskPaper.

I think the OS X system recommendation would be to always leave both documents open, but minimize the one that you don’t want to see.

I can certainly understand how it would seem to make better sense to store this extra information along with the document… but that’s not the default behavior that OS X provides. I’m going to create an issue to track this, maybe I’ll figure an easy way to implement in future. But right now doing so would just mean more code to write, and to provide non default system behavior.