TP 3 will get stuck when i typing in Chinese sometimes



I’m new one here, I’ve tried TP 3 a few days, I found if I just typing in Chinese language, my TP tasks show up on the screen were slower than my typing speed, when I finished typing, my task’s text slowly appears on the screen, like the screen is frozen, but then I found this problem just happing in the whole text page, click into a less text of project, and typing, whatever in English or Chinese, it will be fine.

Slow UI

Korean’s too



I just found it seems like not only typing in Chinese or Korean will get stuck, if you typing on the home page which include all your text of projects and tasks, sometimes it will get stuck, even in English.


This might be good news. As @telemachus77 says there have been similar problems in Korean … but for me they have been very hard to reproduce and track down. Can you:

  1. Take a movie of what the problem looks like on your computer and post to this thread
  2. Attach a sample document that reproduces the problem?


I uploaded the videos on my Dropbox Public Folder, video 1 was typing on the TP, video 2 was typing on the Ulysses, seems like it will stuck on the Ulysses when I typing in Chinese too :joy:, but it’s much better than on the TP.

videos link:

I’ll delete the video after you watching them and reply 7 days later, I’m a free user :blush:, to save some storage space.

I have to say, maybe my MacBook Air is too old (2010 late 11"), but you see, on Ulysses or other apps that I didn’t make a video, they were fine, except TP.


Thanks, I’ve downloaded the videos so feel free to delete. No promises on a fix, I spent a lot of time digging into this problem with Korean text, and in the end tracked it down to low level (what appeared to be bugs) that I couldn’t change. But now that I know it’s effecting other cases too I’ll take another look.


Here’s a bit more information on this bug (now that I’ve had some time to remember) …

It’s definitely a bug in the underlying macOS text system. I reported it to Apple Dec 2015 and it was marked as a duplicate of bug #23823164. I just checked and that bug is still open (not fixed) and unfortunately I have no way to get any other information on the status of that bug.

The underlying problem is fairly easy to reproduce outside of TaskPaper, for example I get the same super slow typing experience (on my very fast and new iMac) if I follow these instructions:

From what I can tell the underlying problem seems to be that the text system is invalidating the entire text layout for all edits. In “normal” text it generally only invalidates the current paragraph for each edit. But in some situations it starts to invalidate much more. And that’s what’s causing the problem. But why it’s doing all of this invalidating I don’t know.


as a normal user, I can’t get the point about the technical aspects of the problem, but I understand the situation for now, my solution for now is click into the single Project and type, that will getting a little bit better, and I hope you can handle this problem finally.

best wishes!


I just got a response from Apple on this bug and the answer isn’t good. Issue “still under investigation” … “no suggested workaround” … suggested looking at CoreText API, meaning I could rewrite all of NSTextView if I wanted better performance (a years long project). Frustrating, odd problem, I can’t believe it’s all that hard to fix internally, but what do I know I guess.


I think I can’t understand the technical aspects, it’s sound not so good, and aslo I believe you can handle this problem, this is about efficiency (input).