Thoughts on saved searches in 3.5 Preview (265)

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the new update! The saved search stuff in the sidebar is very interesting.

I have a few thoughts on the new system. I like the idea that searches could be universal among documents. But I’m a little worried that the new design cuts down on flexibility:

[Side note: I know perhaps you’ve anticipated some of the issues below and plan to address them in the future.]

  • Searches in the sidebar can’t be reordered (have to delete and re-enter)
  • Their contents can’t be batch-edited (e.g. find-replaced in TaskPaper or grepped in the Terminal)
  • There’s no easy way to visually compare search strings as before
  • Overall, the whole process of managing searches is changed from a pure text system (which is, for all practical purposes, infinitely automatable) into one of right-clicking and tabbing through fields

I would have thought it might be better to have a special .tp document where universal saved searches live. Then per-document saved searches could still live in those documents.

Otherwise, if we go the route of special controls for saved searches, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to have a tab in TP preferences where they are all visible and rearrangable. Heck, it could even pull them from a remote document so that they are still mass-editable.

Hope this is helpful. Love this app.

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I’m going to first work on updating docs for a day or two, but I think you might be right.