Thickness of line in strikethrough

Is it possible to change the thickness of the strikethrough line?

Although quite a minor issue - it seems rather heavy/thick. It would be great to have a thinner line (and maybe a different colour such as red).

BTW: Thank you very much for adding checkboxes to Bike!


If everyone agrees (everyone?) I might adjust, but I kinda like the strikethrough line as it is now. Eventually I expect to add stylesheets that will give you low level control of all Bike styling.


I kinda like the strikethrough line as it is now

A good default, I think, and stylesheets sound like the right way to allow for the full spectrum of personal preference.

Thank you for the response.

Although it is too heavy for me, but it is not a dealbreaker. Controlling through a stylesheet is perhaps a better way - allow users the choice.