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If I purchased TaskPaper 3 preview, do I also have to purchase TaskPaper 3? Or am I already licensed?


TaskPaper Frequently Asked Questions

You are already licensed.


thank you! So i can download v3 and delete v3preview?


Yes, that should work fine.


Will a TaskPaper 3 license work with Taskpaper 2?


Sorry no they are separate.


Does this mean you can use install both version at the same time?


Yes, you can install both versions at the same time.


I downloaded the preview and there is an in-app purchase. Is this purchase for taskpaper 2 or 3?

I should say that I have a license for taskpaper 2.


That’s a purchase for a full license to TaskPaper 3. I’m not offering upgrade pricing from TaskPaper 2, but instead offering TaskPaper 3 preview at a discount. Final pricing will be $24.99.


will FT gain all new developments made for TP3?
According to your description about the difference of FT vs TP in the FT support FAQ, my understanding is that FT should include everything TP has (+more apparently).
So I am thinking about waiting to purchase FT, once it inherited all the new TP3 features.
Since both tools together (without discounts) would sum up to $55, it would be probably much better to pay $30 for FT, instead of $25 for TP3, which could be understood as a “reduced FT”.
Does this make sense or am I missing something essential, so that purchasing both tools would make sense?



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