Themes in TP 3.5?

I just installed the updated version 3.5. The update ignores the theme that I was using before. I thought that perhaps I should “reconfirm” that TP needs to use a theme, but in the File menu, apparently I have no option of choosing “Open Application Folder”. And I do not know where my theme.less file is.

Is it possible to recover the theme that I was using before the update?

And is there a way of using themes in TP 3.5?

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Yes and yes.

TaskPaper now support easy switching between multiple stylesheets and using a separate stylesheet for printing. Because of this I’ve created a dedicated stylesheets folder to store the stylesheets. You can access it through Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder.

You can find your previous theme.less file in the parent to that folder. Move it into the stylesheets folder and it should work. I changed quite a few of the rules in the base stylesheet, so I decided not to automatically copy over 3.3 stylsheets, though they should mostly work. I think the only breaking change is that I renamed the display span stylesheet attribute to content.


This is fantastic, thank you very much.

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