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As I was starting to type, I realized that there are so many things going on right now that what I am writing about is not even remotely important in the big scheme of things. I hope and pray all of you are doing well, but I know that many are not. Although the purpose of this forum is not to talk about non-taskpaper related things, if you need to talk to someone, please contact me. Contact someone! Things will get better. What you are going through will pass. Keep it up. Don’t give up. That things are pretty messed up everywhere is a reality that we cannot escape. But we should not ignore that there are a lot of good things happening around us. That there is still goodness and hope. That it is not just mere positive thinking. It is as real as the bad stuff too!

We all need help and most of us have a system of support from where we get the emotional and spiritual support we need to continue. If your support group has disappeared or radically changed because of 2020, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even if it is on a TaskPaper forum of all places :wink:

Okay, now unto less important things, I have been keeping the script section of the wiki updated after starting it some years ago. Some people have helped, but I think that it is hard to know what has been added to the wiki and what is not and many quit. I came up with a way to categorize the scripts that may need to be refined now that we have a lot more scripts. But having more scripts also make it more of a chore for those that could volunteer to add new scripts to the wiki because they may not know if the script has already been added somewhere. Or they may not feel confident to place it in a particular category because of the nature of the script. The simple solution is to just add a comment somewhere in the post with the words “Added to Wiki.” I am not quitting or is this an announcement that I am don’t want to do this from now on. This is an invitation for those that love TaskPaper and would like to contribute to the software. I do not check the forum daily or at times even weekly and the script wiki page may not be up to date as some may imagine. So starting from now, I will add a comment with the words “Added to wiki” to the script topics that I add to the wiki. If you want to participate, you are welcome to do so. It feels good to help somethings to get better (even if it is just software or a wiki page.)

Anyway, I pray and wish a Merry Christmas to all of you during this season and a Happy New Year.

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Thank you !

And in the spirit of an interview, in which @jesse, invited to recommend a favourite piece of software, preferred to recommend a good book on baking bread,

(can you remind us of the title ?)

here is a small experiment in sourdough baking which came out of the oven this evening:

And the sourdough starter (should you ever find yourself passing through Wales), came from here:

[Real Bread in the Dyfi Valley — Rye & Roses](

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The book that I like is Tartine Bread. What I like is:

  • It’s going for the hard crust sourdough bread that I like
  • It taught me the big trick of cooking in a dutch oven for creating nice crusty bread.
  • It’s not just a list of bread recipes… a big chunk of the book just covers the basic process for any sourdough bread.

Seems they have a number of books and versions… my cover looks like this:



And todays results:

I tried to make walnut… but ended up not having enough, but still pretty good.


Wow … good work !


Wow, that looks amazing. If the coding thing doesn’t work, you can alway do this :wink: Seriously, I would buy these on a heartbeat.

By the way, I think I missed interview @complexpoint talked about here. Is it saved somewhere?

Thanks, I have fun making them!

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