The missing link


Recently my Macair died. Replacing it was going to be expensive so I opted for an iPad Pro and am pleasantly surprised by just how well it works. So much so that after 2 weeks I’m 50% working on my iPad. Here’s where the problem starts. Taskpaper has no real business grade offering on iOS. Not Taskmator nor editorial.

I’m now in the dilemma that TP on my iMac is no longer sufficient.

Considering that web design is now, “mobile first” as companies realise that smartphones and tablets are the way forward, it’s surprising that TP is macOS only. Especially considering that of all things your task list needs to be mobile. I know the developer is not going back into the TP iOS arena, but wonder whether going forward this future proofs TP? With the clear dominance of smartphones and tablets, I wonder whether the writer of a recent article who prophesied the death of the desktop might not be right? Certainly Apple are moving in that direction judging by where they invest and the demise of some of their mainstream desktop apps.

Perhaps you would reconsider creating an iOS app? If I had the choice between the iOS and desktop, I’d easily opt for iOS.


What, specifically, would you need from an iOS client to make it “business grade”?


Reminders, links, Files integration, calendar integration, quick task entry.


Oh, and keyboard shortcuts for use with external keyboard, split screen and drag and drop.


I agree that it definitely needs to happen sometime in some form, but it’s not something that I see happening soon.

Right now my focus is:

  1. WriteRoom 4 with library and new text editor (still alas some ways off)
  2. Once that’s done then building TaskPaper 4 also with that library and new text editor.

These are both macOS versions. Once those projects are done then it will be time to decide what is next. And getting back to iOS is a likely direction. But that decision is far away still.


According to your feature requirements, Taskmator support following features:

  1. Reminders: YES. Support Apple Reminders Integration
  2. Links: YES. Taskmator detect links (tap and hold @ button on the bottom toolbar)
  3. Files Integration: YES. Taskmator support files app integration with lot of great options available.
  4. Calendar Integration: NO.
  5. Quick Task Entry: YES. Hit enter key on keyboard and quickly enter task/project/note.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts: Yes for files app. NO for editor.
  7. Split Screen: YES.
  8. Drag and Drop: YES. Taskmator support drag and drop in split screen , drag and drop of selected items in a single file. Not supported for selected items to drag and drop in a different file.



Hi Amit,

I’ve liked Taskmator in the past, but stopped using it some time ago. I recently re-downloaded. My observations:

  • Email links (message://…) are detected, but don’t launch. As I have many links, having them all in one long list with no reference to which task they belong is unuseable for me. I don’t know which link refers to which task/project. This alone would stop me using the app as I get a maority of my tasks via email.

  • Although you list files integration for accessing Taskpaper documents, I really meant that I need to be able to link to documents in Files. I need links in Taskpaper that link to documents they reference in Files.

  • Quick task entry is all about not needing to open the app. I use an iPhone X and the 3d touch does not give that option. There’s also no option on the iPad. The app must be opened to add a task.

  • One final niggle is that if I cloes the app with a specific taskpaper file open, I expect it to take me back to it when I re-open the app. Taskmator always kicks me out to the screen where I need to select which taskpaper file I want. This is annoying if you only have one taskpaper file.



  1. Not producible. Link detection and tapping on link is working for me. I am unable to produce this. Is it any special kind of link like url scheme?
  2. I am sorry. I do not understand this one related to files app integration.
  3. 3d Touch is not supported.
  4. Again not producible. Tested the app in the background mode for more than 30 minutes and iOS does not kill the app. This was an issue in past. But this is already fixed and not producible in the latest 4.69 App store version. Please make sure you are running the latest 4.69 App Store version.



Any link that starts with “message://…”, does not launch. It recognises that it is a link, but clicking on it does nothing but add a tick to the end of the url. “message://…” links are links to emails.

I have docx and pdf documents that I need to reference to complete certain tasks. These docx/pdfs reside in iCloud. I need to be able to link the docx/pdf in Files to the task in Taskmator.

Therein lies the problem. So much functionality that could be had, such as quick task entry.

I didn’t mean backgrounding the app, I meant closing the app. Once the app is closed and then reopened, I’m always taken to the screen to select which taskpaper file I want to open. I currently have only one taskpaper doc and need to open it each time I open the app. It should rememeber where I was and take me back to that document.

  1. currently Taskmator support mailto:// standard URI for email address. Please check out the screenshot.

It will not work currently for message:// URI. willl include this URI in future if possible.

  1. Currently Taskmator will read and write only .txt, .rtf, and .taskpaper files for any locations.

  2. Feature filed in the product roadmap. Do understand it’s a handy feature.

  3. When you just close the app ( without quitting the app) —> app goes to the background mode. Once you quit the app -->app will not remember it’s state.
    Do not quit the app ----> app will remember it’s last opened state. This one is well tested and can not produce the issue at all in the latest 4.69 version. tested for more than 30 minutes without quitting the app.

If you have any further questions please contact me via email:



Many thanks! I’ll take a look back at the app in the future. The “message://…” URI is esential for my workflow. I’m now over 50% iPad Pro and iPhone X. As much as I like the taskpaper format; and it would be my preferred method for managing my tasks and projects; it’s clear that this is not workable at this time for those who have moved to a predominantley iOS platform. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well the sock applications perform in linking all these things together in mail, notes and reminders. I’ve stopped using the majority of third party apps as they often simply do not integrate. Outlook is a classic example, which has no drag and drop facility and is an island on iOS.

I think developers really need to think hard about including integration, as that; in my opinion; is where things are headed. I also think desktop only apps are going to find it difficult going forward as people move to predominantly mobile platoforms. My switch to iOS was a financial one. MacOS laptops are becoming really pricey. For less than the price of a lowend mac laptop I got a top of the range iPad Pro with 1TB storage. With the Apple Pencil 2 this really has completely changed my workflow. I am now slowly migrating from desktop only apps as I’m finding iOS so useful.


Dear Simon, Can you please give me a complete example of “message://” URI which I can try?



I’m no coder, but my understanding is as follows (if anybody can correct or substantiate what I say, it would be useful!):

Every email message has an ID similar to:

to quote two examples, depending of course on the email provider.

When you copy the message url, they convert as follows:



Clicking the message url should in theory open that specific message in the mail app.

To obtain the url it adds: “message://%3C” to the front of the Message-ID and then adds “%3E” to the end of the Message-ID.


Thank You so much. Currently “message://” URI is not supported. Will see what I can do as I can not configure an email client on simulator (do not have an iOS device) to test and to implement this feature. It would be great if you can join beta group of Taskmator by sending me your TestFlight id via email: so that I can try my best to implement this “message://” URI related feature in Taskmator in future.

Extremely sorry for not meeting your requirements as currently this feature is not supported.

Thanks again,