The Good, the Bad and - no Ugly

Great: Look & Feel, the Sidebar, Folding!

Some glitches
Dropbox Sync: As in TP 2: Sometimes I see the message “… document was modified by another app” even though the relevant document was closed (this works flawlessly in Foldingtext)
Doesn’t remember “Check spelling while typing”

A shortcut for "Go home"
Possibility to change fontsize, line-spacing and the background-color of tags

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Odd… the implementation should be exactly the same as FoldingText… which should be exactly the same as any standard OS X document based app like TextEdit. I’ve been keeping my TaskPaper personal list on Dropbox also without trouble.

In TaskPaper 2.0 I was doing some “special” hacks to make reloading of files in the background work… except over time something changed because they stopped working and instead started to cause problems. In TaskPaper 3 (and FoldingText) I think that I’m just letting the cocoa frameworks provide the default behavior.

Are you sure there isn’t another app modifying that file through Dropbox?

I tried with two docs, a Foldingtext-file and another one created with TP 3. Both saved but open, both edited with Editorial (IOS). The Foldingtext-file was updated immediately, the TP-file did not reflect the changes. I wrote something (there was no “dirty red button” , saved and again got the message: “… could not be saved. The file has been changed by another application”.
Ok, I will close TP-files now, then new text is shown, but it looks like a new created file with spell-checking again turned on (I did turn it off) and a modified window-size. It’s a bit strange but I can live with it, at least no conflicted copy is created.