The consequence of the name suffix 'taskpaper'

Is it the case that if I make a copy of a ‘taskpaper’ file, it will be accepted by TaskPaper without complaint? If I make a copy but remove ‘taskpaper’ from the filename, will it still be accepted, or will TP not recognize it as a TP creature? How about the location of the file — I see that one of my duplicates resides in ProgramStores, and one is on the Desktop — does this make any difference to the software TaskPaper? In other words, is there any way I can arrange that a copy is rejected by the software? — Eleanor


TaskPaper will still be able to open it. For example it will open if you:

  1. Use File > Open and then choose the file
  2. Drag and drop the file onto TaskPaper’s app icon

But if you double-click on the file then it won’t open in TaskPaper.

No, TaskPaper should be able to open files/documents from any location that you have access too.

What is your goal exactly… generally if you don’t want a file to be open in TaskPaper you just don’t open it in TaskPaper. If it is open just close it, and then don’t open it again.

Yes, I can understand your annoyance with these questions. Currently I have three slightly different versions of a very large 'Taskpaper file (about 120 KB) that have appeared on my hard disk. I see that they are all listed as RecentFiles in the app, so I can open any of them in that way. I am having trouble deciding which one is the best. It is possible that desirable information has been entered in each of them differently, but it is not easy to figure out how to put all the good stuff in one file and then delete the others. Also, I’m not sure how this happened, and I’d like to make sure it doesn’t happen again, if possible. Thanks, Eleanor

This isn’t TaskPaper specific, but I think reading through the section “Work with files and folders” in macOS User Guide could clear things up for you. Especially the first section:

To get to the other sections click the “Table of contents” at the top of that page, and see links under “Work with files and folders” heading.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to force TaskPaper to always just work with a single file. It’s designed to be a “document based app” and that means it allows you to create multiple documents. I think the key is to learn how document based apps work so that you’ll recognize when a file that’s not your normal one is opened.

Is it possible to tell me the names of the files? That could help me figure out how multiple copies were created.