Thanks for a great thinking tool

I have been using Bike for a while now. I have used a lot of outliners over the years. Bike may be the most, I don’t know, fluid? The thing simply gets out of its own way. Not many apps achieve that. It is a joy to use.

I’m old enough to remember that ancient Mac campaign that used the tag line Wheels for the mind. Naming this tool Bike was appropriate. Thanks for a great tool and for reminding me of the excitement and promise of those days.

Please just keep Bike this way. I know you’re still developing it. Please don’t add anything that makes this bike “heavy.”


That’s definitely my goal. It’s a tricky balance, but I’m trying.


I echo the sentiments of the previous posters, but I will go further and ask you to please consider giving my mind wheels when I am out and about with only my iPhone or iPad. There are times when ideas hit me and I don’t have access to my computer. Bike on iOS or iPadOS would be fantastic.

I picked up a little app called Zavala (mentioned by others here somewhere) and it plays quite nicely with Bike. I can make a quick note on Zavala and easily move it to Bike. But really, the app I use for all of my quick notes out and about is TOT because it’s a breeze to cut and paste or simply share when I get back to my desktop.

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