Thanks and a few ideas

I instantly fell in love with Bike, because of its elegance, performance, and minimalism. Thanks a lot for creating such a fantastic product!

I can imagine a lot of additions (but a value of keeping Bike simple), but these three are the most obvious for me:

  • The ability to search for tasks (maybe by their [] shortcode?)
  • The ability to hide all non-matching nodes when searching for something. I first saw it in Workflowy and immediately loved its elegance for large outlines. It should allow me to expand sub-nodes on a node that matches the search term.
  • A way to directly reference nodes by pressing @ and starting to type the content of a node

Anyway, I love what you are doing here.

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After I finish row types I think next big feature will be query language and filtering. Won’t be a quick feature to implement, but I think it should address these requests.

Added to my list. Not sure when I will get to this, but some way to make links by using search makes sense for Bike.