Text Statistics popover

Version 1.10.1 (119)

  • The popover from the View → Text Statistics command appears from the side of the window, but the popover when clicking on the stats in the Status Bar appears from the bottom. Since it’s the same popover I think it ought to appear in the same place. Or perhaps a rule like this: if the Status Bar is visible, show the popover attached to the Status Bar; if not, show the popover attached to the side of the window.
  • If the Text Statistics popover is already visible at the bottom, attached to the Status Bar, you can use the menu command to make a second instance appear from the side. This feels wrong.
  • It’s nice that you can click on the stats in the Status Bar to make the popover appear. But if you click quickly you can make multiple instances of the popover appear on top of each other.

Thanks for the notes, should fixed in next release.

I think this is fixed up in latest preview: Bike 1.11 (120) Preview