Text Formatting via Markdown Delimiters

Is it possible to format text using markdown delimiters?

For example:
Here is a line of text where I'd like to italicize *these words* without selecting them and pressing ⌘i.

I see that this type of convert-markdown-syntax-to-Bike-formatting behavior is already in use for row types; for example, >, [], -, ‘```’, and 1.. Perhaps I’m missing something and you can do so with text formatting as well?

If it is not possible, I’d like to cast my vote in support of this as a feature. Perhaps as a optional preference if confusion is a concern.

You can, of course, apply italics while typing, without performing a word/phrase select.

  1. Before typing the first letter of the phrase, hit ⌘I, and then
  2. after you type the last letter, hit the right cursor key ( → ) to end the italicisation.

( One less key-stroke than twice using ⇧ keys to get asterisks :slight_smile: )

See, in the Bike Guide, Typing affinity.

Great to know. Sounds I’ll need to set up a keyboard shortcut to do that with code formatting.

The keystroke economies are, of course, even higher with bold:

⌘b (three keys involved, two before typing the phrase – one afterwards)

vs (for example on a US international keyboard, for four asterisks)

⇧8⇧8⇧8⇧8 (eight keys involved … four before typing the phrase, four to end …)

This isn’t possible now. Generally I prefer Bike to use standard rich text formatting shortcuts such as:

Also try out Command-E to show the formatting pallet. That allows you to quickly apply any formatting, all from the keyboard.

At some point I may add markdown inspired formatting shortcuts for inline rich text, but it’s not a priority right now. The reason that I added them for row types, is because row type formatting doesn’t really have a standard set of keyboards shortcuts the way that inline rich text formatting does.