Temp files

When I create a new file but dont save it and close Bike (or foldingtext) where is the system is that temp file stored ? Just migrated macs and think I had some folding text file open that I didnt save… although this may also not be the case just cant seem to find the latest file :frowning:

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On my computer they are in:

~/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike/Data/Library/Autosave\ Information

I always forget that location, but one way to find it is to type a unique non-word into an untitled document. For example “asdfghjkl”. Then quit Bike (or just switch away an wait a bit for autosave to kick in) … then search for that term in Spotlight. Then reveal that result in Finder.

Good luck!


Thanks - found it :slight_smile:

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