TaskPaper3: Delete keyboard shortcut and Move to Project requests


Two open requests:

  1. The Delete keyboard shortcut cannot be set to cmd-k

  2. Move to Project… moves the item to the bottom of the target Project. If the project is big, it is difficult to find the moved item. I prefer the previous behaviour from TP2 of moving to the top of the project (ideally, indented one level)


You are trying to change in System Preferences? Any idea why it doesn’t work? Can you see that shortcut in other apps>

I’ve already got a bug report going for Move to Project location… I expect to have that changed in next release.


Yes, i’m trying to change in Sys Prefs/Keyboard/Shortcuts/App Shortcuts.

In Folding Text, i’m able to bind cmd-K to Delete Item.

In TP3, if i type in “Delete” as the menu command, the shortcut disappears completely.

If i instead include a space after the word Delete, i get ^K in the menu, even though i’ve asked it to be cmd-K.

and even then, the keybinding doesn’t stick. sometimes it just goes back to shift-ctrl-K



I think we actually ran into this earlier in the preview version, then I forgot about it and recreated the problem. I think the issue might be that I have the name “Delete” in bot the edit and items menu. I’ll try renaming the second to “Delete Items” and hope that removes the issue.


Yes that’s it. i didn’t see Delete in the edit menu this time because it only lights up when a piece of text is highlighted.


Actually see this article for a way to make it work:

With that workaround I think I might leave things as the are. Adding “Items” to that menu seems redundant since it’s already in the “Items” submenu. If I use


Then I can target that specific item.


Works like a charm. (and now i can also assign cmd-D to Items->Duplicate)