Taskpaper2 notes: not acting as notes?

Hey Jesse,

I’m again on the quest for the perfect - or serviceable - outliner with completable tasks app. But in TaskPaper 2 (fresh from the Mac App Store) I can’t seem to create entries that are Notes - them instantly act/look like Tasks. Have tried from menu, not typing a dash - no luck.


Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

There isn’t a super strong distinction between notes and tasks or projects in TaskPaper. At the end of the day they are all just lines of text… formatting is the big difference: projects should be bold, tasks “normal” with a dash in front and notes 50% grey color. (this is all with the default theme).

better still: TaskPaper – Tapes

Thanks for the video.

That’s actually how things are supposed to work. Those lines that you are typing are being recognized as notes because they are colored grey. I think you may have adjusted the default theme so that a bullet is drawn for notes. You can change that through system preferences, or try some of the other themes that will make notes looks different.

I hope that helps.