Taskpaper won't save as .txt

I thought I could choose to save a file as .txt, but when I try to I get this message from the system:
" You cannot save this document with extension “.txt” at the end of the name. The required extension is “.taskpaper”." and an offer to use both extensions so the filename ends .txt.taskpaper.

Am I missing something? It’s been a while since I’ve used Taskpaper, so it’s possible I’ve forgotten how it worked. Is it an OS setting? is there a Taskpaper setting that’s hidden somewhere?

When you first save there is a “File Format” option popup. Choose “Generic Plain Text Document” and then you can choose an extension. Or just open an existing .txt file.

“File Format” isn’t quite the right name (since the text content is the same in all cases), but this tells Apples Document Based app system to allow you to set extension.

Of course! thank you

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