TaskPaper with Apple Watch

I bought TaskPaper recently. I understand that Taskmator and Editorial are the two most popular apps supporting Taskpaper on iOS. However neither of these have Apple Watch apps. Is there a way to check off Taskpaper items on Apple Watch? (Taskmator can create and sync iOS Reminders.app entries, which can be used on Apple Watch. Trouble is, if I check something off on Watch, this is not updated on Mac unless I open Taskmator on iOS, which then sync to Mac via Dropbox. This is obviously not ideal.)

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TaskPaper doesn’t have any Apple Watch support, or automatic sync with Reminders. It does have pretty fast import/export with Reminders:


Thanks. I’m aware that Taskpaper doesn’t natively have any such support; I was hoping that someone has found a clever way to simulate a sync, maybe using some other service, or Workflow or IFTTT or something - I don’t know.