TaskPaper Widget for Uebersicht


Hey All,

most of you probably know Uebersicht - an app that runs HTML5 widgets on your desktop - it’s great - see here for the Widget Gallery.

Only I suck at coding - sorry :wink:

So, I wondered if anyone has either written a new or customised an existing widget into displaying a taskpaper file on the desktop, filtered for example by tag?
I can imagine having my @today or @due(today) or @BigOne tag displayed on the desktop - just as a constant reminder to focus.

Thanks for any pointers!

TaskPaper Extensions Wiki

Ok. I wasn’t planning on releasing this, but on the chance that it helps you, here it is.

It displays tasks tagged with @today in the lower left corner of the desktop. It excludes tasks marked as @done or in Archive.

Unzip the attached file, and place the folder in the Übersicht widgets folder.

You will need to edit the path on line 4:


…to the path of your .taskpaper file.

I hope it helps.

FYI—make a backup of your TaskPaper file first, as I make no guarantees regarding my coding. Nothing should happen to your file, but I haven’t tested this on ANY other system (meaning: use at your own risk). :slight_smile:


taskpaper.widget.zip (2.3 KB)


FYI—here is a quick screenshot of what it looks like on my desktop:


Quick suggestion: I added a “grep -v @search”, because it was picking up my saved @today searches. Also, there is some awk magic to strip out the “today” tag from the results, which I used when doing something similar in nerdtool, but I can’t remember it because awk is weird. Maybe something to look into if you feel like it.

Thanks for this!



I’ve taken your code, some others and tried my own! You can find my widget here on github - please feel free to use and misuse it - and let me know of any way to improve it!