TaskPaper Widget for Uebersicht

Hey All,

most of you probably know Uebersicht - an app that runs HTML5 widgets on your desktop - it’s great - see here for the Widget Gallery.

Only I suck at coding - sorry :wink:

So, I wondered if anyone has either written a new or customised an existing widget into displaying a taskpaper file on the desktop, filtered for example by tag?
I can imagine having my @today or @due(today) or @BigOne tag displayed on the desktop - just as a constant reminder to focus.

Thanks for any pointers!

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Ok. I wasn’t planning on releasing this, but on the chance that it helps you, here it is.

It displays tasks tagged with @today in the lower left corner of the desktop. It excludes tasks marked as @done or in Archive.

Unzip the attached file, and place the folder in the Übersicht widgets folder.

You will need to edit the path on line 4:


…to the path of your .taskpaper file.

I hope it helps.

FYI—make a backup of your TaskPaper file first, as I make no guarantees regarding my coding. Nothing should happen to your file, but I haven’t tested this on ANY other system (meaning: use at your own risk). :slight_smile:


taskpaper.widget.zip (2.3 KB)


FYI—here is a quick screenshot of what it looks like on my desktop:

Quick suggestion: I added a “grep -v @search”, because it was picking up my saved @today searches. Also, there is some awk magic to strip out the “today” tag from the results, which I used when doing something similar in nerdtool, but I can’t remember it because awk is weird. Maybe something to look into if you feel like it.

Thanks for this!

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I’ve taken your code, some others and tried my own! You can find my widget here on github - please feel free to use and misuse it - and let me know of any way to improve it!


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