TaskPaper: when I "focus" on a project, all of the existing tasks are hidden?


Here is what my “Mac” project looks like:

but when I click on the “Mac” project in the sidebar, I don’t see any of those:

am I holding it wrong?

Is the sidebar option for selecting projects supposed to work now?

Thanks for the screenshot.

The problem is that your document has no hierarchy structure yet… at items are at the top level. You need to indent (Tab) the tasks under there respective projects, and then it should work.


As an unwise man once said:




Speaking of Focus, where is the Focus Project function in version 3?


You mean “Go to Project” Command-L to jump to a project?

That should be working, but appears it’s broken at the moment. I’ll get that fixed for the next dev release…

It will work differently in TaskPaper 3. Instead of displaying a popup menu it will give the sidebar projects list focus. Then you can select the project you want to focus. This has two benefits:

  1. First once the sidebar is focused you can use arrow keys to jump between projects and see results immediately, instead of needing to keep invoking “Go to Project”.

  2. Type ahead to select is more sophisticated then in a standard menu. So if you know a projects name it should be quicker to get to by typing a portion of the projects name.

Once you’ve selected the project that you want hit Tab or Enter to get back to your list.


No I mean the Focus project. When working on huge tasks list, I usually editing a task and then hit the Focus into the View menu to focus it but also when I’m searching for @today and not @done tasks, I’m putting the cursor to the task I want to Focus and hit a shortcut I’ve defined in my case Command-Shift-- and it will direct me to the specific project.


Ok, I know what you mean now. I haven’t implemented this in TaskPaper 3 yet, but have just now added to my list.


In this respect, Taskpaper 3 is different than Taskpaper 2. When you create a project in Taskpaper 2, hit return, and create a task, that task is child of the project. And, for me, filtering works as expected. In Taskpaper 3, the task is not a child. This difference catches me all the time with the preview release.

Should TaskPaper auto-indent items under the current project?