TaskPaper online collaborative?

Okay, I think TaskPaper is one of my center organisation software for everything I do since 2008. It’s lightweight, plaintext super power and crash free. I just love it.
But…I’m desperately trying to have TaskPaper online in order to collaborate with very small team like 2-3 peoples max with TP syntax power.
In the past, I was using this super nifty sync utility from Jesse called “SimpleText”. It was able to sync multiple text entries but it was depreciated and Dropbox sync was used instead. But but…Dropbox multiple users sync is a mess and your Plaintext folders will be filled with conflicted files. I hate it!
I’ve tried to check other things online like HackMD but it won’t handle tags and other super nice queries that TaskPaper is handling.
Recently, the closest I’ve found is: https://dynalist.io but it’s not TaskPaper either and the worse of it, the syntax is not the same. A webdev I’m working with, was talking about Notion as well but it’s database driven. It’s nice, you can create table filtering to track projects and bugs but not as fast as TaskPaper though.
I really need to be able to share specific TaskPaper projects online in order to keep a sanity in my files and brain logics. :wink:
Is there any available options I’m missing or is it possible that Jesse or the community will be interested in such a service?

Many thanks.


Unfortunately I don’t know of any great solution.

For myself I use TaskPaper for my own personal data, but when I need to collaborate I use some other service. I would love a service like Dropbox, but that also adds a layer for realtime collaboration of “open” documents. Maybe it already exists?


Mmh… :smirk:
If a solution could be found, it would just be the perfect todo tool.
I guess it’s because of TaskPaper I’m working on my own. :upside_down_face:


Cool! Keep us posted!


we use Git for syncing. This works pretty well, especially with large documents. You can set up a free Github team account with a private repo and add collaborators. For syncing you can use the free Github Desktop client which focuses on the basic git commands like fetch, pull, commit and push. This has to be done manually but there are also some projects that install a service to auto-commit and -push your changes. If you keep in mind, that actions like moving a section/tree in a document affects large parts of the content, this works pretty well for collaborating on Taskpaper documents.


Hi Nils,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve tried GIT in the past but I was a bit relunctun byt the whole manual fetch, pull, commit and push. When you’re mentioning " there are also some projects that install a service to auto-commit and -push your changes". I quite don’t understand the process? Is it something that has to be set server side on Git?


This watches a folder and commits and pushes everytime you save a file. I haven’t tried it yet and I am not sure, if it also pulls changes – but I assume it does.


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