Taskpaper freezing while scrolling TP file with 3600 lines


Hi, I have an issue testing TP.

I have had an old version of TP on an old Mac with a file of about 3500-4000 lines (A). I just bought a brand new Touch bar Mac and am testing the new version of TP. I can open A but when I start scrolling TP freezing using up 99% of the CPU. I even have issues with 500-600 line docs (B) where the typing gets slow and lagging.

Any ideas?

Bye, Andre


Are you using the latest version? There was an issue with the TouchBar Macs lagging which has been fixed (at least for my 600 line file, which was pegging at 100% CPU but now works fine).

see Laggy UI on MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)


Thanks for posting into these forums.

On twitter you mentioned that “key delay” is set to minimal, I’m not sure what you mean… how do I do that?

Is it possible to attach a sample document that exhibits the behavior? Or post a screencast showing the slow typing.

The performance issues that I’m aware of are:

  1. In some fonts/languages there seems to be a bug in the underlying text system that can make things really slow. See TaskPaper 3.5 Korean text performance I don’t think this has shown up before in english, or alphabets that overlap english. To be on the same side make sure that you are using just the default stylesheet, there may be some cases that trigger this underlying bug brought on by custom stylesheets.

  2. Scrolling performance is a bottleneck in big documents. TaskPaper is somewhat unique in that most of the application/model logic is implemented in JavaScript, but it displays it’s UI in native cocoa. Passing text attribute information over the bridge (from javascript to cocoa) can get expensive, and that process gets stressed when scrolling through a large document. At this point I think I’ve optimized it pretty far, not sure it will get much better without a major re-enginering.

  3. To my knowledge typing performance is good unless the problem in case (1) is in play.

  4. All editing performance problems that I know about are related to the amount of the document that’s displayed in the text buffer, not the total size of the document. So if you have a really big document and can break it into projects. It should be that you’ll see a big performance improvement if you focus into a particular project before editing.