TaskPaper for iOS

I came across this video. It is old, from 2010 so, 8 years ago now? As I understand it from these forums, @jessegrosjean is pretty clear that there will be no iOS version of TaskPaper - ever. When I see how far he had gotten by what he is showing in this video, that is a real shame. It looks like a really nice implementation of TaskPaper was, at one point in time, plenty good enough and it was nearing being ready to go.

So, just checking, but TaskPaper iOS is really dead, right? I didn’t want to get my hopes up after seeing the video so, just checking. I got the box of Kleenex out just in case 'cuz I think I already know the answer. :wink:

Duplicate ?

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Yes, sorry.

Well maybe Jesse has other things to do. You can access, edit, create your taskpaper files on iOS via the excellent app Editorial. I keep mine in a cloud account so that I can access them from any device.