Taskpaper doesn't automatically update after edit elsewhere


I’m using Launch Center Pro on iOS to prepend items to my TODO.taskpaper file on my Dropbox. This all works fine except for one thing. If I have the file open in Taskpaper on my Mac and add an item on my iPhone the Taskpaper screen goes empty after the Dropbox update until I hit CMD-R to refresh. Is this the intended behavior? (I’m remembering the last discussion on auto-refresh after search and think it probably has something to do with that?)


No not intended behavior… but I’m having a hard time reproducing the problem. Can you reproduce the same problem if you open the same file in both TaskPaper and TextEdit, and then save edits that you make in TextEdit?

For me what happens is the entire document reloads, so it cancels my existing search and focused item, but I don’t see an empty view.

Can you try the latest 3.6 and see if it fixes the problem?

It does - thanks!

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