Taskpaper Cloud support?

Will I be able to sync Taskpaper lists on multiple machines via the cloud?

TaskPaper should work well with Dropbox (and probably other sync services, I’ve only tested Dropbox though), just save your list there and it should sync across multiple machines.

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Also… once TaskPaper 3 is out of preview I will make it available on the Mac App Store. That version will be able to sync through iCloud, but only that version. (Apps are only allowed to use iCloud if they are sold through the Mac App Store).

Generally I think Dropbox is a better more cross platform solution.

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I miss that sync option via iCloud. When will Version 3 be available via app store? Is there a possiblity for users, that already bought taskpaper3 via paddle, to get an free version via app store?

Won’t be in the app store for a while yet. I still need to implement (or at least investigate implementation of) one major underlying feature (selectable fold region characters) and then spend a while working on the bug/requests list. Unfortunately I don’t think there will be a way to go from get the Paddle Version to the App Store version. I suggest either getting the app store version when it’s on discount, or just use Dropbox for sync. For me Dropbox is a nicer more portable sync solution.

Surely Dropbox is the nicer solution. It is even faster in getting files synced. Dropbox is not allowed at my employer and I have got to get an extra rule for that.

Anyways I like the system taskpaper, now with taskpaper 3 on the Mac and Taskmator in iOS very much. I used omnifocus a lot, but I always missed a scrollable view over all projects. I also like the idea of having a single filed with a simple structure and to write down tasks like prose.

I am thinking about writing an article and maybe therefore I have some questions about the history of taskpaper. I am a taskpaper user for long but I do not have an overview. Can I ask you some questions here, on twitter or should I write an email?

Hi, here would be great, probably create a new topic though.

Ok, thank you. I have done it here.

So, to be clear, there are/will be 2 versions running? App Store’s will have iCloud Sync, The one I have from Paddle will run sync through Dropbox, right?

Mine still says preview (March 17th), is that normal? I see an email from you yesterday that says 3 is out?


I’m just wondering how multi-user via DropBox will work, could you both perform updates at the same (assuming editors both support file-change detection), I’m presuming only one person ideally changes the file; you shouldn’t both try to change at the same time? What would happen if you did? Would dropbox merge the changes, or would the last person get a failure message, reload and try again?


Correct. If there’s a conflict Dropboxes standard behavior is to create a new conflict file What's a conflicted copy? - Dropbox Help

Truth is TaskPaper is really designed to be a personal todo list. I think it can also work fine in dropbox for sharing tasks between two people without much trouble. If you need more then that (and still want to use TaskPaper) you can use some other sync mechanism that support s plain text (such as github or other version control).

Yes, there will always be two slightly different official releases, the Paddle version and the App Store version. The app store version allows you to sync to iCloud. Both versions allow:

  • Sync to dropbox
  • iCloud folders
  • Git version control
  • etc etc :smile:

See here: