TaskPaper and Tembo


Just a shoutout to say Creatable has Tembo on sale now, $10 instead of $15. I put off getting Tembo for a long time as I really didn’t see the use of it. It searches quickly through all sorts of files and outlines the found results really nicely. But, I already use and depend on HoudahSpot from the same designer. HoudahSpot is a very powerful and in-depth search tool.

Now that I have Tembo, I love it. I use Keyboard Maestro to set up apps I use daily in my work-flow. Now I set up a macro that launches my daily TaskPaper document on the left half of my screen and my Tembo document on the right half of my screen. When I want to find more on something, I drag the word from TaskPaper over to the Tembo search field and, voila, I get lots of good ordered results very quickly.

I prefer the darktheme for my preferred TaskPaper style and I still have a macro set up to open the daily TaskPaper document I use in that same darktheme style. But, using TaskPaper with Tembo side by side, I have easily directed the macro to open TaskPaper in a light background so as to blend better visually with my work-flow with Tembo side by side.

TaskPaper is a really fine app. I love that I can tweak it to my hearts desire and that it is so stable. TaskPaper and Tembo side by side is pretty nice. Just wanted to mention it here.


Is there a demo or trial version of Tembo? It appears to be (from the website) the sort of tool I’ve been looking for, but I can’t tell without trying it out. Any suggestions?

Tim H


Yes, it will work in demo mode. Just download it and start using it. It asks you if you want to demo it or put in a registration code when you open it. I think that when you select something in it’s found set you get a nag message for a few seconds before it opens it. It should give you an idea though how it searches and what it searches for.

ADDED: I have been using the developers other main offering, HoudahSpot, for some years now. He is responsive to customers and he seems to knows his stuff. I have the highest regard for his software and I can well recommend doing business with this company. HoudaSpot/Tembo development and the frequency of updates is right up there with Jessie and TaskPaper :wink:

One hidden feature I discovered in Tembo is that with a key combo (command- and plus sign I think), you can make the results text larger or smaller. The default results text was too small for me.


Thanks for the tip. I use the build in Spotlight feature for this, but I gues Tembo can save time! The company ‘Creatable’ is new for me … I see, the make beautifull software.


janvanderploeg: Thanks for the tip. I use the build in Spotlight feature for this, but I gues Tembo can save time!

Yes, Tembo is similar to Spotlight in one way. I held off getting it as it wasn’t on sale. The sale price isn’t all that big but, I wasn’t in a hurry. But, now that I have it and have learned to use another favorite app, KeyboardMaestro to set up TaskPaper and Tembo side by side, I am finding it very useful.

With Spotlight you get a much smaller version of the idea. With Tembo the text can be larger than the spotlight results, you can click on changes to the sorting, the location, or the date. With Spotlight you get the results and then you take action and the results go away. With Tembo the results stay in an app that only go away after you are done with them.

Anyway, not earth shattering in it’s scope perhaps … but deceptively simply and highly useful IMHO. Your mileage may vary. :wink:

The company ‘Creatable’ is new for me … I see, the make beautiful software.

Creatable is just the company that offers deals from time to time. They are OK I guess. I have purchased from than previously. Not good, not bad, just, OK. It took Creatable a few hours to send my registration after my recent purchase as they were having a glitch on their servers. Server glitches happen so, OK. I don’t think that is usual for them.

But Houdah Software is very good. High marks from me along with similar developers with high skill, high customer support, a good product, and who listen and respond to their customers. Including Keyboard Maestro, Typinator, and TaskPaper in that list.