Taskpaper and Taskmator Dropbox Sync?

Any Tips and Tricks to get TaskPaper and Taskmator syncing through Dropbox?

I am stuck trying to get Taskmator syncing with Dropbox. I can see that in the Dropbox Settings “Connected Apps” area Taskmator is connected, but there is no TaskPaper/Taskmator Folder in my Dropbox Apps Folder???

I have tried resetting and redefining which Dropbox Folder is linked for Syncing. What am I supposed to put in as new Folder name? /TaskPaper, just TaskPaper, or task paper? (is a slash needed?) I can’t see any Taskmator Folder being created in my Dropbox Apps Folder

Do I have to “create” a Folder of that same name in my Dropbox Apps folder, or does Taskmator handle that for me?