TaskPaper 3 Screencast


This was supposed to go on the website (that at the moment I’m waiting to launch as TaskPaper is still in review for Mac App Store), but I decided against it at last minute. Still I’ll put it here in case anyone is searching to see what TaskPaper looks like in action:

I’ll still like to have a nice screencast eventually, but it will be post the 3.0 launch. If you’ve thoughts on what makes a good low budget screencast nowadays I’d love to thoughts and links.


Here’s the extremely messy AppleScript that generated the movie:

TaskPaperScreencast.zip (3.6 KB)


The only thing that seemed potentially opaque to me was the transition between:

  1. Initially showing unindented tasks under a project (looks as though they already ‘belong’ to the project)
  2. later using the phrase ‘use indentation to structure your lists’

I wondered if that phrase would necessarily have an intelligible meaning for first time users, and in particular whether it would give a clear sense of the relationship between project lines and task lines ?

I wonder if a slightly adjusted sequence would work:

  1. Flat list of tasks and then ‘@done’ and the “that’s TP – pretty easy …” comment
  2. Show some indentation of tasks for grouping them, introduce tabs as the belongs to or part of or stage and sub-stage relationship (maybe show collapse ⇄ expand ?)
  3. Now introduce projects (visual emphasis, giving ‘names’ to lists, but still within the pervasive (TAB -> enclose) framework.

i.e. in brief, perhaps introduce (TABs as structural relationships) before (Projects as emphasised group-naming lines) ?


I’d prefer to hear you (not a computerized voice) do the voiceover. Jesse—let your passion for TaskPaper be heard. It will make the screencast mean more to listeners.

Just my 2¢.


Thank you for this screencast.
I would also be more “seduced” by a nice human voice.

Would it be possible to show how you do these things and not just that they happen?