Taskpaper 3 Overdue? Last Run?

I am noticing something in Taskpaper 3 which I haven’t seen before. In my Taskpaper file, I have a comment line showing at the top that says Last run (and today’s date). If I delete it, it comes back. I also am getting overdue tags on any task which is indeed overdue. This isn’t a bad thing, but I have no idea where it’s coming from. Do I have a stray process from an earlier version which I’ve forgotten about, or is this something within TP3 that I just haven’t found any documentation on?

Loving TP3 overall so far.

Uhhhhh … I have no idea :slight_smile:

So these are tasks with a due date? And that’s how it’s determining “overdue” status? It really sounds like you’ve installed a script that’s doing these things. I’m quite sure TaskPaper shouldn’t be doing these things just one it’s own.

Does this behavior match up with any scripts that people can remember. It seems like a script that’s been written before, I just don’t remember details on it.

I had posted a script to tag things @overdue in this post. Though there’s nothing in it that would explain the last run line.

Is is possible that you have a script running from Hazel ?

I must have a script running from somewhere I agree. Magic just doesn’t happen no matter how much we’d like to believe in it. Now the challenge is to find the script and figure out why it suddenly started running again.


Might you have started reusing a particular folder for holding TaskPaper files ?

( Could be worth checking any file or folder paths registered with Hazel, or with folder actions)