TaskPaper 3 is Ready!

Been busy on twitter and email, forgot to post here where I normally post everything first! Anyway TaskPaper 3 is ou (updated website too)t:

Same build as last preview release. I’ll be in marketing land today, but hope to get back to work on next preview in a day or two. Thanks for all the feedback and help along the way!


Hi Jesse,

congrats with the release!

But the latest preview release (build 178) does not have an update… so my version is still in preview :frowning:


Me too.

Now that T3 has been released, if possible, I would like to move from the preview branch to the main branch.

@feek @donnacha If you redownload from http://taskpaper.com you’ll get on the non preview version.

Going forward I’ll have two release streams. When I do a build I actually do both preview and non preview builds. Only difference is a plist value. Then if the preview one doesn’t blow up everyone’s computer it’s corresponding non preview build is uploaded.

Right now the current official release is the same as pre 178, except for a plist value.

Will TaskPaper 2 license holders receive a TaskPaper 3 license for free?

So when I will test dev versions, I will always have the preview note in my App icon… I do not like that!

Huzzah!! And congratulations! :smiley: /runs to download

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I don’t know any other way to do it. I generally really want users to know that there using a preview version. I guess I can add some secret preferences key. I’ll try that for the next release.

Sorry no, it’s a paid upgrade. And since there’s no upgrades in the Mac App Store I’m not doing a traditional “present your license key, pay this price” upgrade. Instead I did a 60% discount on the preview version and send that out to all existing TaskPaper users. And now I’m doing a 40% discount for the first week of TaskPaper 3.

That would be great!

BTW, I cannot find in the about (or somewhere else) that I’am using a registered version of TP!

If it’s not registered then it will show a “Please buy me” thingy each time you launch. I’ll look to adding some way to see your license though when you are registered in the future.

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That’s unfortunate as this has never been a complete product. Without taking care of the customers who put their trust in you with a purchase, gaining traction for the new version will be challenging.

I’m sorry. It’s true TaskPaper 2 didn’t get updates that last 2 1/2 years. But it got lots before that. And had lots of people smarter them me using it even without the updates because at least for them it proved useful. The upgrade from TaskPaper 1 to 2 was free. We are 10 years into TaskPaper development and this is the first paid upgrade.


I am 100% in favor of TP3 being a paid upgrade. I hope it does great in the App Store. In fact, i just purchased it again in the App Store so that i could leave a review.

And the App Store needs to allow trials and upgrade pricing.

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Nice, congratulations!