TaskPaper 3.8 Update Deleted My License


On both of my Macs, the TaskPaper 3.8 update (stable–not preview) deleted my license information and put me in trial mode. This wasn’t apparent until I quit and restarted TaskPaper after the update.

I was able to successfully re-enter my license, and now things seem to be fine.


Odd, I’m to sure why it would do that. Paddle (my payment processor, who also maintains the licensing framework) did make a big update to the licensing framework. But I don’t remember having to re-enter license when I updated. Anyway glad that you were able to re-enter without trouble.


FWIW, the same thing happened to me when I updated to 3.8 this morning.


Same here. TaskPaper asks for license and the existing license does not work. Please fix.


Can you email me jesse@hogbaysoftware.com with your existing license?


Issues like these remind me why I prefer the Mac App Store version.


Same problem here.


What’s happening here is two issues:

  1. I updated the Paddle license framework and because of that paddle is requiring that you re-enter your license. This isn’t ideal, but everything should work once you re-enter your license.

  2. The new paddle license framework also seems to have a bug where it’s not correctly reporting error messages… instead of reporting the underlying problem it just says “Error”. For pretty much everyone who’s contacted me about this issue the cause of the error is that the license they are using has reached maximum number of activations. This is a pain, but it’s also something that I can easily fix if you send me your license key.

End result is wasn’t the best paddle framework update. But the issues are fairly easy to fix. If you are seeing an error please send me your license key, and then I can increase the number of available activations. And all should be well.


I restarted TaskPaper this evening and was presented with a dialog box saying I only had 5 days on my trial. The dialog box presented three choices: Cancel, Activate License, and Buy Now. I looked up my license number and tried Activate License. I got the dreaded “Error” error message. Tried twice, same result.

I then opened the taskList.taskpaper document itself (not the app) and the app opened the document. I chose to Recover License in case I had an incorrect version. Then I chose Show License (which was blank), entered my email and license number.

It worked. All is well.


I have an interesting one… I have Taskpaper, it’s on two machines (I had it on an older one, I unlicensed that machine so I only have the allowed 2 running…) when I installed the new version, it works perfectly on one machine, but fails with the no license message discussed above. When I re-enter the license it gives me the “Error” message discussed above. Tried various permutations of opening the file by double clicking, starting the app first, making sure I had the right license, redownloading the software. No dice. Will send along license number for Jesse’s perusal.

Love the software!