TaskPaper 3.8 Preview (326)

  • Added support for macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • Added command to “Import Reminder Copies”.
  • Updated to Swift 4, quite a few changes, let me know if anything acts bad.
  • Added support within TaskPaper stylesheets to update colors when in dark mode.
  • Added support within TaskPaper stylesheets to use system Accent and Highlight colors.
  • Fixed bug where option-click on item handle would focus wrong item.
  • Fixed bug where recurring reminders would be imported without warning that recurrence would be removed from Reminders app.

Note The base stylesheet has changed a bit so that it will support the system accent and highlight colors, and so that it can update colors when macOS 10.14 (Mojave) enters dark mode. All the changes are near top, so if you are a stylesheet hacker you can look there for how it works.

If you have a custom stylesheet it’s not likely to get dynamic colors, since you’ve likely hard-coded your own color values. The values that are now dynamic:

Update 323 I’ve just posted (TaskPaper Preview 323), I doesn’t change much, but I think fixes any blurry text that people might see when focus-in and focus-out.

Update 324 I’ve just posted (TaskPaper Preview 324), I think it fixes the stylesheet problems that some people were seeing. Let me know if you still notice problems.

Update 325 I’ve just posted (TaskPaper Preview 325), it should fix the Window > Stylesheets menu to order items by name as the Finder does, and to place a checkmark next to the selected item.

Update 326 I’ve just posted (TaskPaper Preview 326), it should fix some cases where TaskPaper wasn’t refreshing the current document when it was edited by another application in the background.

@selection-color: mix($SELECTED_CONTENT_BACKGROUND_COLOR, @background-color, @@current-selection-color-percent);
@text-color: @@current-appearance-text-color;
@background-color: @@current-appearance-background-color;
searchbar {
  background-color: @@current-searchbar-background-color;
editor {
  guide-line-color: mix(@tint-color, @background-color, @@current-guide-line-color-percent);



Would this allow for simply switching style sheets when entering dark mode? Or would a style sheet need to have both a light & dark mode in a single sheet?

Or would a style sheet need to have both a light & dark mode in a single sheet?

This is how it works, a single parameterized stylesheet is used to for both light and dark modes. I considered some sort of (switch) between sheets, but I think the single sheet solution is simpler all around.

Cool. This is how I’ve been doing it for now:

Off topic, but I’m curious if you (or anyone else) has been using Mojave’s dark mode? I keep trying it, but yipes (me of all people) turn it back off in the end. I like dark mode for individual apps a lot, and I like dark mode for full screen. The problem with dark mode for the entire Finder is that I always have a bunch of web pages open… and they are all super bright… to bright. The end result is that I find dark mode for the Finder not so useful.

Sounds like an opportunity for someone to code a Safari extension that changes every white pixel on a page into a light grey one. :thinking:

I haven’t - still on High Sierra - but I agree, the contrast between bright web pages is a bit harsh. I use HazeOver, which helps.

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Thank you for the update. I have a quick suggestion for a future update.

At the moment, there is not way to see what stylesheet is selected in the menu. This wasn’t a problem early on TaskPaper, but now that I have several stylesheets and many of them share certain elements, it would be great to see which stylesheet is currently applied on TaskPaper.

Again, thank you for the good work and the update.

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Where can I re-download the last preview version?

3.8 looks like this ↓


You can download the current released version, but I don’t maintain history of preview versions.

But better is to dig into the stylesheet you are using and see how to make it work as you want with 3.8. I’m not sure what in that screenshot is intentional vrs not intentional. If you let me know where the problems are I can suggest fixes. The core change is in the variables described in the initial post of this thread.

The screenshot was intentional.

As you can see, all of the text (other than the home row) is either missing or not visible.

Do the core changes imply that all existing stylesheets will have to be rebuilt?



I had the same thing happen after allowing the update.

I noticed my solarised theme had disappeared. Simply selecting Light brought everything back. Will deal with my customisations later.

Only a mild panic until I found that :sweat_smile:


They aren’t expected too, but I’ll need to figure out what exactly is happening in this case. Can you email me the exact stylesheet (jesse@hogbaysoftware.com) that was causing the problem. Also does the problem go away when you remove that stylesheet and restart TaskPaper?

Never mind on emailing me the stylesheet, I’m able to reproduce the problem myself now. Looking for cause and eventual fix now.

@sumware I just posted a new preview release that I think fixes the stylesheet problems that you were seeing. Please try out release 324 and let me know if you still see any problems.

After 1 minute of testing, it looks ok.

Also no license issue.


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Yep, all good. Thanks Jesse.

Hi Jesse,

Quick feedback on 3.8 preview 326 on El Capitain. I can’t see my saved Searches in the sidebar anymore. If I load in 3.7.7, everything’s fine. Any ideas why?

Probably you have already checked, but are you sure that the saved searches section is expanded?

If that’s not it, are both versions of the app using the same Application Support folder? For example if one version was from the Mac App Store, and another version is a direct download… then they will be using different Application Support folder.

You can check by going to Window > Stylesheet > Open Stylesheet Folder from both versions of the app, and see if you get the same location in the Finder.


Yep I’ve already checked.
No MAS version for me.
I’ve checked and they’re using the same TaskPaper in Application Folder but weirdly the new 3.8 can’t see the /Configurations/searches.taskpaper and tags.taskpaper

Maybe a clue?

I’m staying with 3.7.7 until it’s fixed. :wink: