TaskPaper 3.8.16 Preview (475)

Changes include:

  • Fixed opening file links with that contain non ascii characters
  • Fixed “Export Reminders” to always show list picker when no default list is set in Reminders.app
  • Added support for ~/ paths
  • Fixed new bug introduced by previous fix: You may once again click task’s leading dash to toggle done
  • Fixed cases where Copy Link wasn’t working correctly (some path syntaxes)
  • Fixed cases where Open/Copy Link was showing in context menu when it shouldn’t (tags, leading dash in task)

Updated 475

  • Fixed AppleScript read/write access to document’s “textContent”

Please try it out and let me know if you see any problems.


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Looks like I broke clicking on task bullets to toggle @done in this preview. Will fix soon.

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I also have issues clicking http(s) links. I get a ‘File not found – Could not find file to open at path: //hogbaysoftware.com’ error.

+1 here for link following – clicked urls don’t seem to be followed in this build.

file:// is firing fine,

just http(s)://seems blocked.

Yep, had to roll back to the release version and Hazel blew out my scripts in the process. :frowning:

@nilsw @complexpoint @blp I’ve just update the preview release… I’ve fixed a number of link issues (including… I think … http links).


I am happy to confirm that it is fixed now - thank you

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Pushed minor updated that fixes AppleScript read/write access to document.textContent.

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I’ve just posted this version as stable release.

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