TaskPaper 3.7.7 Preview (316)

  • Added View > Show Sidebar And Expand Completely
  • Fixes print margins to be smaller
  • Fixes “sentence” command spelling
  • Fixes crash that could occur when using ancestor-or-self:: in search
  • Fixes undo bug where undoing moves might put items at wrong indentation



Thank you Jesse!

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Thank you!

Thank you, testing now :slight_smile:

ps: the license is not activating, might be broken?

Could be… I did upgrade the licensing library. Anyone else seeing licensing troubles?

Nothing here – seems fine on macOS 10.12.6

Yes, I enter my info in the Activate pane, click on ‘Activate License’, and the ‘Activating License’ with spinning gear pop-up just stays on-screen until I hit cancel. The next time I select TaskPaper>Show License…, both fields are still blank.

macOS 10.13.4

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Activation issue is reproducible on my system.

MacOS 10.13.4 (17E202)

I have the activation problem as well. 10.13.4. No longer shows I’m licensed and I get the spinning gear when I attempt to re-enter my license code.

I’ve updated the preview release to 315 and fixed an undo bug described here:


I’m not sure about the activating problem… I think I saw the problem when it was first posted (a few days ago)… paddle license was showing up as empty in the preview release, but not in other releases. But today when I went to fix things the problem seems to have gone away. I see my paddle license in the current preview release. I’m not sure if I changed something, or magic happened. Anyway, please try again and report back if paddle licensing is still a problem.


315 fixed the registration issue—I didn’t have to enter the code or anything.

The latest Preview update (the one that corresponds to Jesse’s post a couple of hours ago) “fixed” the activation problem for me. I’m a bit confused about version numbers. This topic–which goes back 4 days–says “3.7.7 preview (316”). But Jesse’s post a couple of hours ago says “I’ve updated the preview release to 315…” And after this latest update, an “About” tells me I’m on “Version 3.7.7 Preview (316)”.