TaskPaper 3.7.1 Preview (296)

This is a quick bug fix release for an auto-save bug that was just reported.

The bug can cause you to loose changes within the last line that you’ve been editing you quit the app without explicitly saving your work. The problem case is:

  1. Open an existing document.
  2. Create a new item. (notice document titlebar indicates document is “– Edited”)
  3. Type “Hello” and leave text caret at position after the “o”
  4. Save (“– Edited” is removed)
  5. Type " World" (notice even though you’ve edited document “– Edited” isn’t added back to titlebar.
    This is the problem case. If you quit now " World" won’t get saved.
  6. The problem resolves if you make any change that breaks undo coalescing including:
  • Move caret to new line and type
  • Move caret to new location in current line an type
  • Notice that when you do either of these things “– Edited” is added back to the titlebar, indicating that the system knows there are unsaved changes.

Note that even when the bug is in play File > Save will always save your latest changes.

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