TaskPaper 3.6 Preview (282)


This looks like a really cool addition. Reminders isn’t currently in my workflow but this could just change that …

Thanks Jesse


I want the date reminder automatic checked


Ahh thanks! I’m not all that familiar with Reminders.app … I though that alarm was already being set when I set the due date on items. I’ll fix this for next release.


Hi, @jessegrosjean, great addition!

As I use TaskPaper mainly with the keyboard, my sidebar is usually hidden. So I’d like to endorse the request for menubar items to access the Reminders popover.

My suggestions:

  • Item -> “Move to Reminders”
  • Item -> “Copy to Reminders”
  • Palette -> “Reminders”

Oh, and I found a glitch in the popover when the TaskPaper window is aligned to the left edge of the screen:


Maybe this has been suggested before in the thread… but yeah!

Not sure how I missed it myself, but I agree Reminders should be a pallet UI. Then I don’t need the button in the sidebar, and it will show up nice and centered instead off in a weird corner. The only issue is that it won’t act quite like other palettes, since you’ll need to manually dismiss it instead of click to dismiss. Note sure how much that matters.


Any thoughts on how valuable drag and drop to the reminders palette is for your workflows? If I got rid of that feature then the reminders palette could be made to act like all the other palettes. I will provide commands to Move/Copy TaskPaper items to reminders in anycase.

It seems to me that the main reminders use (at least the original request) was to capture tasks outside Taskpaper, so that function wouldn’t change. It would just be a little harder to send TaskPaper tasks to Reminders … you could still do it will commands, just not drag and drop.



I just tried Reminders for the first time, and I like it! I haven’t got the time to read the whole thread right now, so some of my first ideas might already have been addressed. I’ll catch up.

  • I’d love to choose a specific Reminders list from a dropdown menu right next to the clock.
  • It would be nice if the clock icon was a drop zone.
  • I’d love a hotkey to send selected text to the currently selected list.
  • It would be great if TP checked for duplicate entries.
  • There should be an option to leave @tags in place, or copy them to the notes field

Aaand BATCH MOVE: Let the user define a set of searches with a Reminders destination and an option to add or overwrite the list for each search. Give us a big “Update Reminders” button (or update it on any change). That would be the equivalent of OmniFocus’s perspectives. I’d be tempted to try to survive my works days without OF if this existed.

TP is such a great app.


I never use drag and drop in TaskPaper, so it is completely dispensable in my (keyboard-centered) workflow. But I know there are users that love to drag and drop, so… after reading @frevo comments above, I had an idea: what if you implement the Reminders pallete as you explained, losing the ability to drag and drop tasks into it, but make the clock icon a drop zone?

Idea: Pin Commands into the User Interface

OMG HUZZAH. I love this implementation. This is pretty much perfect for my weirdo way of using Reminders. Since I prefer to keep my completed tasks in Reminders/Fantastical and tasks that still need to be done in Taskpaper, I can set up a keyboard shortcut to tag a task with @done and @due(whatever time I completed it). When I drag and drop into Reminders, it’s already marked as done!

Considering my current system is “Retype task into Fantastical with the time I completed it and then mark it as done, then delete the task from Taskpaper” — this is a marked improvement.

I also now have a use for the archive — move done tasks there to be processed into Reminders at the end of the day.

I think the only improvement for my fringe usage would be having @done respond to times in the same way that @due does. But it’s also zero hardship on my part to tag with @done and @due in order to get the time I finished the task down.

tl;dr this update made my day — thank you!!!


Hmm, thought about this again during my weekly review. What if there was a list of all Reminders lists in the preferences where you could assign searches to them and choose whether the list content is replaced or new items are added (adding would probably rely on checking for duplicates). And maybe an option to transfer the reminders automatically after changes or just update them manually. It’s probably a crazy idea, but something along these lines would be a game changer for me.


That option would be pretty awesome. I just saved a significant amount of time by discovering the Item -> "Format As -> Tags" I think it would be just as useful to select a bunch of items and copy them to my Reminders.


A big thanks, TaskPaper is now just huge for me…
I try to implement this GTD and will test it :

  • Inbox / duebox : Remember
  • Evernote : archiving data (internet, articles, pdf,…) and handnotes (link inside taskpaper)
  • Taskpaper : project/facts summary + task/action + delegation
  • Airmail : email with evernote/taskpaper workflow.app

Agree with palette or with an option to scan based on tag @due for instance

EDIT : added devonthink pro to my workflow to organize things (devon can search for terms like @tag and devonthink can save email in eml format outside my exchange server. This is my “one to rule them all” app and inbox. It’s note cheap but at first glance it worth the cost.


Have you ever looked at MindNode? I think that it would fit perfectly in your GTD in between Evernote and TaskPaper. That way you can use MindNode to brainstorm and create a good outline for your TaskPaper document.


Hi there,

First of all many thanks for your work.

Regarding the date selector : as said by others, it’s not so keyboard frendly …

So as a suggestion, would it be silly to replace directly as we type instead of using a selector ? for instance, @due(+1d) would be replaced with @due(2016-10-31) (given that we are the oct. 30th ^^) ?
The date format could stay the same as in the selector, it’s perfect. The selector could stay for those who need it.

I know this king of thing can be achieved with Keyboard Maestro, but it’s an heavy process …

As a bonus, being able in the less files to color the overdue dates automatically would be a killer feature. I made a Alfred3 worflow to add @overdue, @today, … tags for @due items, but as I couldn’t find a way to trigger it at the opening of the file (or at focus), so I need to launch it manually times to times.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @dam75, that’s why I started using CMD+T more to add tags since it pops the Date selector directly when you use @due or @start and you can use the arrow to select the day or write it down directly…

I mean, for your example to do +1d, the fastest I can get is using:

  • CMD+T
  • Start writing “due” en press enter when you have it (Could be that you only need to type “d” if you don’t have more tags that start with “d” in your list or that you use this tag often)
  • Then Press [Right-Arrow]
  • And finally ENTER and you should have what you want

In short: CMD+T + “d” + ENTER + Right Arrow + Enter

Or you could insert you “+1d” in the field, but you’ll get the time as well

That would be: CMD+T + “d” + ENTER + “+1d” + Enter

Also, one advantage of this method is that it insert the date with brackets as well so you don’t need to add them

Hope this helps!


The current “no keyboard shortcut” option will certainly be changed. I just don’t want to add a shortcut until I’ve finished the UI. (changing quite a bit of the UI around right now actually). But once the UI is right I’ll be sure to put in some keyboard shortcuts.

I’m generally agains “automatic” behavior like that. Works great 90% of the time, but can be a big pain/surprise at other times. I think better to have a separate and explicit command for this sort of thing.


Thanks for implementing the Reminders integration! This promises to be really useful. Agreed with everyone above that I’d love a more keyboard-centric workflow for that.

Mostly though I just wanted to drop an FYI that when I did this update Taskpaper asked me for my license key again. Which I had, so no big deal, but that is a little weird and might indicate something more on your end.

[ETA] I neglected to mention that I had upgraded to Sierra before doing this update, which probably affects the license issue.


When i complete all the children tasks, can taskpaper automatic complete parent task?


TaskPaper can’t do this out of the “box”. But there has been some discussion on this feature, and even a script you can try:

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