TaskPaper 3.6 Preview (282)

  • Added Reminders sharing popup
  • Fixed top-padding-percent stylesheet attribute
  • Fixed scroll jumping in a number of cases involving wrapped lines

The Reminders sharing popup is intended to make it easy to share reminders between TaskPaper and Reminders.app.

This is not a syncing process. Instead it allows you to easily move items between Reminders.app and TaskPaper while maintaining some attributes.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this:

  1. Capture reminders on your Mac/iPhone with Siri, and later import them into TaskPaper.
  2. Schedule Mac/iPhone alerts for items that you’ve created in TaskPaper
  3. Maybe other reasons too! :slight_smile:

To use the reminders sharing popup:

  1. Click the Alarm in bottom left of Sidebar
  2. Click the down arrow next to each reminder that you wish to import
  3. Drag TaskPaper items to the popover that you want to move from TaskPaper to Reminders.app
  4. @done, @due, @start, and @priority tags will transfer between the two apps

Early still. Give it a try and let me know what works and what doesn’t.

Thoughts & Questions

I like the function, I’m not sure about the UI.

I like the popover UI because it both feels attached to the current TaskPaper window … important so that it’s clear what document imported reminders will end up in. At the same time it helps to show that the displayed list of reminders is a separate list from the document content. That’s the challenge with this UI, want to connect to a window, but also want to make it clear that the window isn’t showing a view of the document content, it’s showing a view of Reminders.app content.

So that’s the logic, but at the same time the UI feels a little clunky. Other ideas welcome.

Issue Tracker

If you don’t see your problem in the issue tracker then I’ve missed it. Please help by adding an issue or sending me a reminder. Issues in Ready and In Progress states are for v3.5.



I really like the implementation.
One thing that might improve this feature greatly is the addition of a shortcut. I thought the same about the date pop-up. I would definitively use it more often if I didn’t have to go to the menu to get the date dialog.

I also have a large retina iMac and having the pop-up all the way down the bottom without a shortcut is kind of inconvenient; because I not only have to go to the lower left corner from the top of the screen, but I also have to drag the task from somewhere up the screen back to the bottom pop-up. Making this menu float to the middle of the screen might be a good idea and easier for the user to drag the task to the dialog/pop-up. May be this could be a window that could be moved to wherever the user wanted and TaskPaper can then remember the location.

Another thing that I noticed is that on those tasks marked with @today, the date is not being processed properly. I would have thought that since @today was a TaskPaper default, it would be something that this pop-up would accept. I recognize that @today is kind of relative, but this could just be defaulted to the date and time the task was added into the reminders.

I also have the tendency to add more than one tag to a particular task or project. When I add them to the Reminder pop-up all the tags disappear.

I think that some people might not expect a particular task to disappear because it was added as a reminder. I know that it is just as easy to “duplicate” the task by pressing alt while dragging, but this might not be the natural behavior. Maybe leaving this as an option in the preference menu would be good compromise.

Anyhow, let me say again that I am very, very happy to see this implemented in such a transparent manner. Thank you for all that hard work.


Hi Jesse,

Like Victor, I’m appreciating those new features (date popup and reminder integration). However, I always prefer to keep my hands on the keyboard when I can and so I find the need to drag and drop the item to the reminder popup a little interfering with my workflow with TaskPaper. So, I’m with Victor about adding shortcuts to those actions.

Speaking of the date action popup, I like that it’s accessible from the Command Palette so I can have access to it directly. But, yes I think that’s an action that a keyboard shortcut could be useful… but what is great about this one is that it’s accessible from the menubar, so @Victor, a workaround is to use the OS keyboard preference pane to add shortcut to this menu (“Date” item in the “Palette” menu).

However, the new reminder action doesn’t seem to be accessible from the Command Palette or from the menubar, so it would be great if it could be added. Also, alternatively to the popup, I think I would prefer to have an action from the command palette to directly send/add the selected item(s) to the Reminder.app, instead of needing to drag them.

As always, thanks for your good work!


Just a thought… it could be great if there was a preference menu to add shortcuts to Commands (I mean what is accessible from the command palette). This way, we (the users) could specify some shortcuts to our often used commands and this could be a way to add shortcuts to user scripts so there’s a way to activate them without using a third party application like Alfred or Keyboard Maestro.


It will be greate to turn on date remind automatic while drag item to remainder.


WOW. I didn’t know anything about adding a shortcut to any menu item in any particular program. THANKS!!!


Yes, that’s a feature from the OS that could be quite useful. And so you know, you could use it to change a shortcut that is defined by an application to something that you prefer. Right now, I set the “Date” menu item to CMD+ALT+D and like it so far. It’s a lot faster to add a date :slight_smile:


@jessegrosjean just found a bug…

Add a tag with CMD+T (Tag with…) and select a @due or @start tag to have the date popup menu and then select any date (the date doesn’t matter). After the tag is added to the item, press CMD+Z 2 times (CMD+Z + CMD+Z), TaskPaper crash every time on my side.


Please add an option to copy instead of move. I use reminders as just that, reminders. My hard list is in Taskpaper. If I want a reminder for a task on my list then I want a copy in Reminders.

The move option makes sense for adding Siri items to Reminders that I want to move onto my TP list.

Also, is there a setting a missed to decide which Reminder list(s) TP will look at.


Which list?

  • Check the Reminders setting for Default list - that’s what I found.


I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but no reminders appear when I click the clock and I can’t seem to drag a task onto the clock, either…


Just a few observations from playing with this today that may answer some questions:

  1. The reminders that will appear when clicking on the clock are pulled from the default list in Reminders.app (Reminders menu>Default List).

  2. You have to first click on the clock before you can drag a task from TP to be imported to Reminders.app

  3. You can drag a TP task to be imported into Reminders.app, then CMD-Z to Undo. This leaves the task in the list to be imported into Reminders.app, but the task also returns to its original location in the TP document. This serves as a (clumsy) copy option instead of move.


I’m not sure that I follow… do you mean when you drag a TaskPaper item that doesn’t have a due date to the reminders popover, then automatically show the date picker for setting a due date … the assumption being that most often items are placed in Reminders with due dates?


OK. Now the import is working. Thanks a lot.
The clock icon is in an inconvenient place for me, as my hidden dock keeps getting in the way. Might it not be better further up the menu, under the tags?


This is on my long term list, but implementing it isn’t super easy, so been delaying. It’s not quite the same, but note that you can almost created shortcuts yourself by remembering common command matches… For example to “Insert Date”:

Command-Shift-P id Return

It’s not quite as nice as a dedicated menu shortcut that you can remember, but it’s certainly more scalable.


This should be possible now, if you hold down the Option key as you drag and drop a copy of the dragged TaskPaper item is added to reminders instead of moving it.


There isn’t, but adding that option is on my list.


I’m not able to reproduce this. Can you reproduce it in the default document? I’m on macOS 10.12.1 if it might matter.


Yes, it’s reproducible on any document and yes it may be a 10.11 bug (I’m still using El Capitan). Here is a video if you want to have a look. Maybe this could give you a cue, please look when I do the first CMD+Z, the @dug tag get removed and the text cursor goes to the beginning of the next line instead of staying on the line it was.


I thought about sending the crash log, but it seems that TaskPaper stop without error message (nothing as crash log or no error output to the Console). So I went to look at it again and it seems to be related to the fact that I add a space before adding the tag. Now I see that TaskPaper add a space by default so I don’t need to add a space by myself and if I don’t add one by myself, there’s no crash. So, maybe you could try again by doing those actions:

  1. Add a space to the end of an item
  2. Press CMD+T
  3. Select a @due or @start tag
  4. select a date and press enter
  5. Do CMD+Z + CMD+Z

Without the first step (add space), it seems to work fine. So, from now I on I won’t add an extra space :wink:

Hope this helps!