TaskPaper 3.6 (285)

I’ve just posted the release version of TaskPaper 3.6.

Changes include:

Reminders: Quickly import items from (or export to) Reminders.app. Create reminders on the go with Siri then move them into TaskPaper at your Mac. Or export TaskPaper items to Reminders on your Phone.

Palettes: Create new items or select multiple items from the standard palette UI. Use Edit > Tag With… to apply multiple tags at once. Use Item > Move to Project… to both create a new project and move items to it in a single step.

  • Added Edit > Insert Date…
  • Added File > Import Reminders… to import from Reminders.app
  • Added Item > Export to Reminders… to export items to Reminders.app
  • Tag > Tag With… prompts for date when tagging with @due and @start
  • Edit > Find commands now work when sidebar has focus, redirecting focus to editor
  • Removed category text for each command when showing command palette
  • Maintain focus item and search when open TaskPaper file is modified by another app
  • Removed unused font, color, orientation items from editor context menu
  • Fixed iCloud Drive to include TaskPaper folder
  • Fixed Refresh of “Hoisted” item search works correctly
  • Fixed Date parsing to support ISO week and day formats like 2016-W51-4
  • Fixed top-padding-percent stylesheet attribute
  • Fixed scrollbar jumping in cases involving wrapped lines
  • Fixed search case where union, intersect, and except caused problems
  • Fixed problem in palettes where filtering could place items in wrong group

Download TaskPaper 3.6 at https://www.taskpaper.com


I’ve got the scrolling jiggles in this version, but it only happens when Promoting (shift-tab or move left) large-ish chunks of text (2+ lines, formatted as tasks or notes). it might have occurred in previous versions too, but this is the first time using these larger chunks of text in a while.

Can you post a quick screen movie so that I can see exactly what you are seeing?

screen movie link

I’m using shift-tab to promote. the jiggles are not as big as before (although they are more perceptually obvious on full size window than they are in this movie), but they are there.

I’m reporting this in case it reveals a bigger, underlying bug.

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I “think” I got rid of that Jiggle in this release. Please give it a try: