TaskPaper 3.5 Text Input Problems

Continuing the discussion from TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (236):

@telemachus77 do you think it’s possible for me to recreate the “consonants and vowels separated” problem? I don’t know Korean, but from what I can see the input is handled the same in TaskPaper and TextEdit. Here’s the test that I’m doing:

  1. Enable “3-Set Korean” input manager.
  2. Type “jesse”
  3. I see the same result “연ㅕ” in both TextEdit and TaskPaper.

Also for anyone else … do you see similar problem with Chinese or Japanese, or any other language that has multistep input. Seems like if it’s a problem in one it should be a problem in all.


it’s difficult to explain… let’s see…


Ok, I’m not really sure what I’m looking at. But are you saying normally it works properly … but occasionally it breaks? And in particular it broke when you were typing on the second line here:

in latest preview version, it seems normally. but 3.3.2 works well

Sorry I’m still not quite understanding… In version 3.5 preview does the problem happen all the time as you type, or does the problem only happen periodically? I want to know if it’s completely broken in this respect, or only sometimes broken. Thanks again!

In version 3.5 preview, it happens always. (esp when I type fast)

but… it’s true that I did not test 3.5 enough time.

and it’s my mis-Type…^^
ㄹ ㄹ ㅡ (f f m)
ㄹ ㅡ ㄹ (fmf)