TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (267)


This release changes back to embedding document specific searches in @search tags. I’d wanted to get away from this from some reason, but extended attributes (where I wanted to store this info instead) get lost in more places then I thought. It’s a little nicer now, because if you use the Searchbar UI to edit the embedded searches it will do all the formatting and escaping of ()s for you, so many of those problems should be easier. I also now store a common (shared between all documents) set of saved searches in the application support folder in searches.taskpaper.

  • Changed saved search locations:
    • Embed in @search tags in document
    • Or save in searches.taskpaper file in application support folder
  • Add menu items to create, edit, and delete selected sidebar search
  • Ensure folded state is maintained in documents that are edited outside TaskPaper
  • Dynamic level of detail in macOS tabs based on if all tabs represent the same document
  • Remove New Document > Check Spelling as You Type (and similar methods) from settings. Instead when you change these values in menu it effects all documents.

Issue Tracker

If you don’t see your problem in the issue tracker then I’ve missed it. Please help by adding an issue or sending me a reminder. Issues in Ready and In Progress states are for v3.5.



I’m liking it! I think it’s better this way, to create @search searches inside the document and in a global searches.taskpaper file! This make it easier to modify and reorder the way we like it :wink: Thanks!


mmm, am I right there is no “check for updates” anymore (3.5 build 266)?



Thanks a lot, changes sound great!


No clue why your computer looks like that. Mine shows the update option.


Wasn’t sure why you were seeing this … then I just tried TaskPaper on 10.11 and it seems like a 10.11 specific bug, seems to not happen in 10.12. Is that correct, are you using 10.11? Anyway I’ll look into a fix tomorrow. Thanks for noticing.


I confirm, I’m using 10.11.6 and there’s no check for updates anymore

I just checked… The last version that I have that still has the “Check for Updates” + “Show Licence…” + “Deactivate Licence…” menu items is Preview 260 (After that, Preview 265, 266 and 267 doesn’t have them)


Ditto. On 10.11.6 and no Check for Updates.

Also, did behavior for Cmd-D change? (One of these days I’m going to have to lookup how to type the Command symbol.) In the preview, it only adds @done. In the previous version, it added @done(yyyy-mm-dd), where yyyy-mm-dd was today’s date. IOW, today it would have added @done(2016-09-28).


Make sure that “[ ] Include date when tagging task with @done” is set in the preferences window. Maybe your preferences has changed on one of the Preview version (I think it happened on my side one time).


Hi Jesse,
I can confirm I’am using 10.11.6


Interesting. I didn’t know (remember?) that option existed, so if I changed it, it must have been a long time ago. It’s interesting that installing the preview didn’t keep my (our?) options from my existing installation. I would have thought they were stored somewhere that was impervious to installing a new version of the app. Otherwise we would lose them every time TP was updated, which hasn’t been true to date.

But, that was indeed it, so thanks for the pointer!


I guess it happened when Jesse changed the application id to “com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3.direct”. So, this shouldn’t happen habitually when you update the application since the application id shouldn’t change much. (I’m guessing, it may be because of something else, but I think it happened to me at about that time)