TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (260)

  • Added Scripts to Commands palette (See Preferences Open Scripts Folder)
  • Added Selected sidebar item title is now displayed in window titlebar
  • Added Preference to maintain window size when show/hide sidebar
  • Added Visible handle always displayed for “mouseOverHandle” items
  • Changed Don’t automatically expanded sidebar items to reveal selection
  • Fixed Crash when Select Branch
  • Fixed Crash when Select Paragraph
  • Fixed Crash when Archive Done
  • Fixed Sidebar initialized with correct selection
  • Fixed Option-Tab to insert tab instead of rich text bullet
  • Fixed Edit > Copy Display command
  • Fixed Crash when rename/delete active stylesheet

Issue Tracker

If you don’t see your problem in the issue tracker then I’ve missed it. Please help by adding an issue or sending me a reminder. Issues in Ready and In Progress states are for v3.5.



Thanks for fixing the drag and drop links. I arrived at a Keyboard Maestro solution and also found a way to cull my services menu to find a way to do it about 5 minutes after you posted this update. If you hold the option key while you have the right clicked menu up you get a path to file option. If it ever breaks again, I will be ready. :wink:

In the mean time Jessie, sincere thanks for taking care of this.


Attempting to upgrade from 3.3.2 to 3.5 within the app gives me an error. After appearing to successfully download the new version, I get this error:

I’ve tried repeatedly but get the same error. Any problem on your end? Or is it somehow on mine?

(I thought I’d just manually download from taskpaper.com, but the version there appears still to be 3.3.2.)


Version 3.5 is in preview mode right now, that’s what it’s not downloadable directly from the website. Instead you can download it from the link in the post at the start of this thread. The “Update Error” is a problem on my end, should work for future updates, but 3.3 -> 3.5 is broken.