TaskPaper 3.5 Preview (258)


Warning – Sorry again you’ll need to manually install this release. Cross your fingers for a clean install next time! :slight_smile:

  • Added Recognize Mac App Store licenses
  • Changed Bundle ID to avoid conflicts with app store version of TaskPaper (break Sparkle updates to :frowning: )
  • Changed Don’t sort saved searches in sidebar
  • Changed display span style attribute renamed to content
  • Fixed “I think” File and icon associations
  • Fixed “I think” Odd preferences problems throughout
  • Fixed Allow reordering of top level projects in sidebar
  • Fixed Missing “show” button when in projects group in sidebar
  • Fixed Search performance in larger documents
  • Fixed Errors in stylesheet should no longer crash app
  • Fixed Drawing of split cursor insertion point
  • Fixed Incompatible scripting change that broke export scripts
  • Fixed Escape spaces in link created in editor when dropping a file path
  • Fixed Allow creating siblings to the focused item in the editor

Issue Tracker

If you don’t see your problem in the issue tracker then I’ve missed it. Please help by adding an issue or sending me a reminder. Issues in Ready and In Progress states are for v3.5.



The search performance fix is great. Thank you very much. I was starting to learn to work around some quirks. Again, thanks.


Quick bug report: check boxes in Preferences pane for “check spelling as you type” and “check grammar with spelling” seem to be nonfunctional. Whatever I do in these checkboxes (and what they are visually displaying) has no effect on the actual preferences checked in the Edit > Spelling and Grammar menu items. Changing the preferences for these features via the Edit menu does work, but then the checkbox states in the preferences pane do not change/do not reflect the actual set preferences.


Preview 258 always (re)opens on “Welcome” (or with a new, empty, document) instead of on document(s) that were open on quit :-/

got it: bundle identifier has changed :facepalm:
fixed :slight_smile:


These are working I think, but note that they only effect the default state of “New Documents”. You are then able to turn spelling on/off as you see fit for individual documents. It’s confusing for sure. It’s the way that TextEdit does things, so that’s where I copied the design from. Though maybe it would be better to offer less flexibility, but more predictability and just have one spelling setting for all documents?


I’m having an issue with Archiving @done tasks in preview 258. When i instantiate this command the application crashes and the tasks are not archived.

I’m running 10.11.6, and I have the following preferences checked:


Thanks for the report. I’ve fixed this for the next release.


In 358 (maybe before, too, can’t check), if you rename a theme (.less file) in the StyleSheet folder, TP crashes.


Ah, I see! The checkboxes are clearly labeled as being for new documents. Sorry about that. I have to admit that I had never noticed this in Textedit, so the idea of defaults set inn the prefs pane and then per-file controls via the menubar had not registered. Actually pretty cool. Thanks.