TaskPaper 3.5 Plans


Continuing the discussion from TaskPaper 3.4 Plans, More search and less toolbar:

Plan update… I’m going to stretch the next preview release out longer (end of June?) and call it 3.5 as it will visually look quite different from 3.3 so a nice “round” number helps delineate that. In addition to UI I also plan to make significant code changes on the Cocoa side of things.

To this point I’ve been pretty careful to keep the JavaScript side clean and tested. But the Cocoa side started out as a thin wrapper and has just gotten messier over time. Also my Cocoa skills are circa 2010. It’s time for me to take a break and update myself and clean up and modernize that part of the codebase.

New 3.5 Goals:

  • Update UI with cleaner look. Allow access to search without having to show standard toolbar.
  • Treat the cocoa side of the app as a peer to the JavaScript side. Clean up the design with things like Reminders app integration in mind. Write tests. Update the core of it to Swift.

It may be that I come back in two weeks with smaller goals, but this is what I’m up to now.