TaskPaper 3.3.1 Preview (217)


Continuing the discussion from Automatic scroll to cursor after click:

Bug fix release.

  • Clicking on task dash (to toggle @done) no longer scrolls to selected text



Cannot access search when toolbar is hidden (3.3.1 (217)). Not from View menu nor by shortcuts.


@jessegrosjean Is there a final 3.3.1 version? As far as I can tell we’re still at 3.3.1 preview only. It seems this “should” be complete given other chatter about 3.4 and 3.5.


Yes, 3.3.1 is the final version.

Right now the last preview (3.3.1 matches the current final version, also 3.3.1) … more info here:

The short of it is that right now the preview version code is exactly the same as the release version. The only difference is when I next release a preview version it will update itself, unlike the release version that won’t update itself until a new release version is posted.


My bad. Got it now!


Small issue I wanted to flag — when I change task into a note, the cursor jumps down to the next line. This behavior doesn’t happen for any other item changes — note to task, task to project, project to note, etc. all leave the cursor where it is.



I’ve added an issue for this, though I don’t expect a fix too soon.

The issue is that I need a better way to track how ranges in the editor are effected by changes in the outline model. In this case formatting as a note removes two characters from the item… so when I restore the selection range it’s still at the same “text location” … but since the previous text is 2 characters shorter… it seems to show up ahead of where it was previously.

It’s definitely a fixable problem, but to do it cleanly and efficiently I would need to build up an extra index to track ranges in those cases. At this point I don’t think spending the time and code to do that is worth it vrs other things. I think this is the only case where not having that index is really hurting the app.


Makes sense — thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile: