TaskPaper 3.2 Preview (197)


  • Header and footer printing options to print panel.


  • Tag autocompletions are now case insensitive.
  • Tag autocompletions only popup when editing at end of tag.
  • Require that both ( and ) be escaped with \ when used in tag values.
  • Move “Saved Searches” to top of toolbar search field popup.


  • Items > Format As to work when item is a project with trailing tags.
  • Document name (instead of always “Untitled”) now displays in printed header.

Geeky Stuff

Added a ShowPreviewBadge defaults key to hide “Prev” badge in TaskPaper’s preview version.

For example:

defaults write com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3 ShowPreviewBadge -bool false

Renamed “display” text style attribute (used in base.less) to “content”. Also renamed private API item.bodyDisplayString to item.bodyContentString and documented it as public API.

Changed how script debugging works.

Previously you accessed TaskPaper’s internal scripting context through Window > Show Script Debugger. That menu is removed, now you should:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Open TaskPaper
  3. Ensure Safari’s “Develop” menu is showing.
  4. Choose Safari > Develop > Computer > TaskPaper > index.html

And you show see a debug window for TaskPaper’s JavaScript context. This debug window has the added benefit of now working! It should break on any debugger statements in your script.


Learn about preview versions.

Download TaskPaper preview.

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Opps forgot to mention the feature I worked on most :slight_smile:

Now expanded/collapsed state is stored in an extended file attribute based on user name. So now this state should always be preserved, not just when you leave the document open when quitting TaskPaper. It tries to be robust in the face of edits by other applications. Certainly not bullet proof, but if you add a few lines with another text editor, it should generally be that the correct items are still collapsed next time you load.

Thanks for this, Jesse! But, unfortunately, it is not working for me. Take a look:

The “Saved Searches” title has moved to the top of the popup but the actual saved searches are in the same place, below the tags.


Did you do anything to the implementation of the less code?

Less code:

item[data-done] {
	> run[display] {
		text-strikethrough: none;
		color: mix(@text-color, @background-color, 40%);



Renamed "display" text style attribute (used in base.less) to "content".

So your “run[display]” will now need to be “run[content]” instead.

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TaskPaperRuby duly updated.

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Thnx @mattgemmell,

RTFM to me :wink:


In fairness, it wasn’t obvious. :slight_smile: I hope other theme authors update theirs. I’ve edited all my local copies of third-party themes, at least.

Lucky me, just needed to update my local version (synced via Dropbox) and I’am back in business!

Oops! Next release!

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Oh, and thanks for your continued work on the app, of course. Where are my manners?

And thanks for all your cool scripts and themes!

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Bug? When typing a level 0 or level 1 item, hitting return automatically makes a level 2 item.

For example:

Level 0 <return>
        Level 2

Or also:

Level 0
    Level 1 <return>
        Level 2

But these should be:

Level 0 <return>
Level 0


Level 0
    Level 1 <return>
    Level 1

I’m not seeing this behavior. Disable scripts/themes? Do you see it in a completely empty document (except for the single item?)

Ok, weird. I just typed the whole outline again in a new document. In the new document, everything works fine. In the original document (which looks exactly like the new one), this indenting bug appears.

I can send you both documents, if that would be helpful.

Yes please send that document. (jesse@hogbaysoftware.com)