TaskPaper 3.2.1 Preview

  • Editor better maintains current scroll position when editing.
  • Pasting into end of focused project now inserts items correctly.
  • “Share Item” in toolbar is fixed to share the the selected text.
  • Don’t scroll to selection when performing drag and drop operations.
  • Include “More…” option in toolbar “Share Item” popup menu.
  • Fixed how leading spaces are converted into item indent levels.
  • Preview badge now includes version number and isn’t shown in notification style.
  • Archive Done command now includes all containing projects in @projects tag.
  • Use “TaskPaper Generic” file type to save without .taskpaper file extension.
  • Fixed problem where text caret would display in wrong position or not at all.
  • Search field text on OS X 10.10 no longer remains centered after clicking tag.
  • Return only autocompletes to formatted tasks when current line starts with - .
  • Delete last item then followed by Undo and then Redo no longer causes crash.
  • Selection now draws correctly behind paragraph break invisible characters.
  • Edit > Copy Displayed (Option-Command-C) works when last item is fully selected.


I’ve just posted build 210. Again Apple keeps rejecting the app. Good news is it means I can stuff more fixes into this release, again, again, again…


Learn about preview versions.

Download TaskPaper preview.


I’ve just updated the initial post in this thread for TaskPaper 3.2.1 Preview 204.

Bugs keep popping up. Just did one more release (207) that fixes some problems when typing near end of document.

I’ve just posted Preview (208). Let me know if you find any issues.

“Copy Displayed” doesn’t work for me in 3.2.1 (208). All it pastes is the word “undefined”.
Also the sharing widget still exports the whole content, not just the displayed content.

Thanks, I see the problem and will fix in next release… but I don’t think it’s a new one. At least the problem that I found also happens in 3.2. The problem that I’m seeing is if you select the last newline in the document, then “Copy Display” there will be an error and you’ll get “undefined” on the pasteboard.

To work around this just don’t select that last newline. Then for me “Copy Display” works.

Can you verify that you are seeing the same error… i.e. does the workaround work for you too?

This is intentional, generally in TaskPaper I want all selected text to be effected by commands. “Copy Displayed” is a special case command that doesn’t work that way. But it’s the exception.

Yes - it is indeed working that way for me. As long as I don’t select the last Newline marker it pastes properly.

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This should be fixed in Preview 209.

Made it, 3.2.1 (210) should be out now. Phew!